Lynn Pearce is a member of the Canine Massage GuildLynn Pearce, member of the Canine Massage Guild

My name is Lynn Pearce and I have been a human Chartered Physiotherapist for many years (30+) as well as an acupuncture practitioner for 25+ years. I work clinically in this field at The Courtyard Centre for Health and Wellbeing in Biggleswade and there is an extended profile on their website if you are interested.
I also teach fellow health professional therapists about acupuncture and work with the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

I have two dogs, one of whom has a bilateral hip issue and has had knee surgery. She was my first dog and I knew no different for her when she was lame and in pain as I thought it was part of the problem with her hips. A visit to Crufts and the Canine Massage Therapy stand in 2015 convinced me that she did not have to live with this problem, or long term painkillers, and the way forwards for me both professionally and clinically for my own dog and learning was to take some of that human experience and retrain with Natalie Lenton, director of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre. I completed the two year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner programme in January 2017 and have set up DogzAligned, alongside Lesley Ann Best of DogzAloud, Canine Behavioural Centre in Broom.

We have a clinic at the training field in Broom (postcode SG18 9NW) and plan to also run educational sessions in our teaching and therapy cabin.
I am particularly interested in the ageing/arthritic dog, or the dog who has had to carry an orthopaedic condition through life, resulting in longstanding soft tissue tension within the fascia. Fascia is an amazing structure that binds all the tissues of the body together and releasing it can have a profound effect on the mobility of a dog.

Obviously there are more clear cut problems that we see in the dog world, such as injury from agility, ball chasing, jumping but I am convinced there is a technique out there which can help your dog if they aren’t as ‘aligned’ as they should be.

Although I am a human physiotherapist, I only use massage techniques on dogs – I do not give out exercises, I am not an animal physiotherapist, nor am I allowed to do acupuncture on an animal. I use techniques that I have used for many years, hands on, and new techniques developed by Natalie Lenton and I believe the treatment I can offer is rounded and thorough.

Lynn Pearce with one of her dogs, Poppy

Lynn Pearce BA MCSP LicAc Cert Med EdMember of the Canine Massage GuildPoppy Dogzaloud Silver Certificate in Behaviour

I am a member of the Canine Massage Guild and fully insured.