Clinical Canine Massage Case StudiesCase Studies and Testimonials

Ruby was lame as a result of a lipoma

Ruby, age 9 – Chocolate Labrador

Removal of a lipoma from the right trunk had resulted in lameness in front right leg and extreme tension in neck and shoulder muscles on the right.

Ruby was a delight to work with! It was amazing how much tension she was holding in her neck in order to try and get around without upsetting where her operation had been. Her first session resulted in a massive improvement and she stopped limping practically overnight. Second session released the neck and shoulder a little more. Jane, her owner, commented when we were booking her third session:

She is still amazing, very spritely and happy.. no limping at all.. I just can’t thank you enough!

Nellie was lame on her front left leg, wrist, foreleg and shoulder blade area.

Nellie, age 11 – Saluki Cross

Nellie was lame on her front left leg, and also her wrist, foreleg and shoulder blade area. She also had an ongoing issue in her right hip.

Nellie is my ‘go to’ dog should I ever need a model as she is the most obliging patient! She will lie down on the vet bed, all ready, as soon as it goes down.
She had a tightness in her wrist flexors – the key muscles which bend the wrists and this probably led to increased tightness higher up around her shoulder blade as she tried to cope with walking with her tight wrist. As a separate issue, she had some protection around a right hip problem and had developed increased tone in her quadriceps muscles and some of the small complex muscles that surround the hip. Both these areas have improved dramatically and in terms of keeping them clear we are on a regular but infrequent programme.